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SecondOpinionExpert, Inc., through our cutting-edge web technology platform XperTeleConsult™, changes the face of cost-effective medical consultation and preventative care by reducing the abundance of misdiagnoses and eliminating the exorbitant cost of unwarranted and avoidable medical expenses, SecondOpinionExpert is revolutionizing health care delivery supply chain.

  • Streamlines the process of obtaining a medical second opinion.
  • Connects patients with independent, expert physicians.
  • Innovative technology platform synthesizes medical data into a convenient report and efficiently delivers it to physicians.

XperTeleConsult™ – A Distruptive Technology

Making timely and effective medical decisions is one of the most important aspect in a person’s life and SecondOpinionExpert streamlines the process of obtaining a medical second opinion. The SecondOpinionExpert solution addresses the traditional approach to second opinion such as limited access to qualified physicians, difficulty in finding a physician whom the patient can trust, difficulty in sending the patient data to the physician and disruption of patients’ lives due to travel.

    SecondOpinionExpert's online technology platform provides following direct health services.
  • Second Opinions
  • Medical Consultation and/or Evaluation for Insurance and Law Firms
  • Ask a Doctor – Beta Stage

HouseCallsNow App

HouseCallsNow, Inc. through its location aware App transforms the current mechanism of delivery of services by using effective eCommerce. Empower individuals and advance the use of current technologies to deliver a better quality of life by ensuring privacy, convenience and competitive markets.

Facilitate delivery of services to customers’ homes.

Using HouseCallsNow app, a service provider get access to a large pool of consumers looking for convenient delivery of service to the doorstep. For individual consumers, HouseCallsNow makes getting services in the categories of Health, Education, Lifestyle, and Pets (HELP) as easy as ordering a pizza online.

HouseCallsNow is an enterprise that leverages the connective force of the Internet and the convenience of a smart phone to effortlessly bring a wide variety of services to your home. Our premise is that anyone with a smart phone can be both service consumer and provider.


Biotex Solutions, Inc.

Biotex was created out of a passionate and well-informed desire to perfect the specimen collection process and to increase access to a wider variety of clinical laboratories.

Specializing in Blood Drawing and Specimen Collection.
Biotex in Thousand Oaks, California provides blood drawing and specimen collection services at a modern facility. An accurate and life saving diagnosis demands collection techniques that yield reliable results.

    What makes us special
  • High quality collection services.
  • Service for almost any U.S. clinical laboratory.
  • Compassionate and competent patient care.


HealthOf collaborative platform enables parents and educational institutions to build and maintain medical records. HealthOf is a secure solution to monitor and execute health & fitness programs.

The Finest EHR Platform
Accurate Records presented in precise Format, available at the Right Time.
HealthOf offers you a comprehensive electronic report of your Health records & medical history.

    We help you digitalize
  • Birth records.
  • Family Medical History .
  • Treatment Records and more...

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