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  • Product

    Our product engineering services include engineering services for healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail and human resource management. Helps in launching your next generation products by adopting the SaaS model.
  • Mobile Technology

    Developing a solid business case to mobilize the company's workforce means carefully assessing the current challenges, scoping out the business solution, detailing the resulting benefits, and determining the best technology solution.
  • Business Consulting

    We’ll help make your vision a reality, advising on the ideal technology approaches and building all that you need. Helps you quickly get your product built, tested and deployed. Our agile team utilizes best in class frameworks to develop web, hybrid and native apps.
  • Business Process

    We analyze how you do, what you do and identify which business processes can be automated. We improve performance, enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives, leveraging artificial intelligence research and its application for business insights.
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SecondOpinionExpert, Inc., through our cutting-edge web technology platform XperTeleConsult™, changes the face of cost-effective medical consultation and preventative care by reducing the abundance of misdiagnoses and eliminating the exorbitant cost of unwarranted and avoidable medical expenses, SecondOpinionExpert is revolutionizing health care delivery supply chain.

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HealthOf collaborative platform enables parents and educational institutions to build and maintain medical records. HealthOf is a secure solution to monitor and execute health & fitness programs.

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Biotex was created out of a passionate and well-informed desire to perfect the specimen collection process and to increase access to a wider variety of clinical laboratories.

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HouseCallsNow, Inc. through its location aware App facilitates delivery of healthcare to patients at the convenience of their homes by leveraging the connective force of the Internet and the convenience of a smart phone.

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Innovation & Concept Development

Innovation and Concept development is about combining idea, product brief, market research, user insights & aspirations with creative problem-solving techniques to invent new ways of doing things. This is where we unlock the possibilities of what a product could be to reach its full potential. Our project teams combine product managers, designers and developers to ensure that solutions work and are a delight to use.

Meaningful Insights

The sea of digital knowledge complicates, rather than enhances, our ability to make efficient, meaningful, and safe choices. We provide both an outlet and a reservoir of “tapable” data flow and insight based on tendencies, preferences, and targets, helping to keep content fresh and relevant.

Option Trading

Allow investors and independent advisors to purchase and sell options in an intuitive and convenient way. An exclusive eAPP software with proprietary strategy, primarily focuses on preserving capital and generate consistent returns using options.

Why Us

Responsible for delivering projects worth several thousand man days in domains such as Healthcare, Telemedicine, Financial Services, eCommerce, HRM, Data Analytics and Application to use location related services in a timely manner.


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"We appreciate the professionalism of GDS and the Customer Service too. We worked closely with the GDS team to examine our business processes and ultimately implemented solutions that are truly incredible."

Ash Davé, M.S.
President and Chief Financial Officer
SecondOpinionExpert, Inc.

"GDS truly offers the best support of any software technology company that I have ever dealt with, and that level of personalized attention has meant so much to our staff throughout the implementation and now after the go live."

Dr. Venkatraman Sadanand, BS, MS, PhD, MD, FRCSC, FACS, FAAP, FAANS
President and Chief Financial Officer
HouseCallsNow, Inc.

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